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New Client Website - Laura Parette Design

When Edgeworks Creative first moved to Waterbury, VT from its' former location in Rochester, VT one of the first people to welcome us to our new location was Laura Parette. We've had the great fortune of working together with her in her roles with Revitalizing Waterbury and the Waterbury Tourism Council and were quite happy to take on the redesign of the website for her design business: Laura Parette Design. The old site was static, requiring that she call her old firm and ask for changes if she wanted any (and if she wanted to spend money). She and Cynthia worked Read More >>

Friday Props #78 - Face It Edition

I missed a week of Friday Props - it's almost becoming the norm. And today as I sat at lunch and suddenly remembered it's Friday and I had to bang out the weekly, I knew that if I had to Face It then so, too, would our readers. So it's the Face It edition of Friday Props. Up first for some Props-worthy photo and video work is some doggedly good stuff from Carli Davison as featured in her book Shake. The moments captured and slowed down can be both disturbing and delightful and certainly not what I typically imagine when thinking of Read More >>

Friday Props #77 - Old School Style

This week I'm handing out Props to awesome steeped in a sense of history. This week it's old-school style and to start out we're going to go WAY old school - back to the 7th century in Japan where a tradition of grandparents and parents using silk threads of worn kimonos to fashion intricate balls for their children on New Years' day. One 92 year old woman in Japan has been creating these since the 1960's and now has a collection of nearly 500 of these fanciful and impressive traditional Japanese temari handballs. Serious Props handed out to this woman. Unfortunately I Read More >>

Friday Props #76: Lighting Up the Night Edition

Here we are again with another week zooming by and another round of Friday Props (over)due. This week I'm bringing you things to light up your weekend. At first it was tempting to find some excellent Christmas light displays, but I think I found some much, much cooler stuff to fit the theme this week and I hope you'll agree. Hat tip to Mahala for bringing this one to our attention. Props going out to Wrecking Orchestra for it's use of light in this insanely fun Tron Dance. From the futurisitc to the far past we travel away from the Japanese dance Read More >>

Friday Props #75 - The Where in the heck have you been edition

Wonder where Friday Props has gone off to? Fear no more - we're back! In Props #75 we look at animals made of shattered CDs, faces with cool and wild makeup and the nature of kids with stickers. Read More >>

Friday Props #73: A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far Far Away

Star Wars... It's a popular topic in the office. Which is why the announcement of the release date for Star Wars Episode VIII (December 18, 2015) was kind of a big deal here. Props going out to that galaxy far, far away. In honor of this (future) day, I have made a plan for people who really want to get in the spirit of things before going to watch the premiere.  Start the day off with a delicious Star Wars themed breakfast. These Pancake shapes are so cute you won't even want to eat them (but you will).  Most of us don't have Read More >>

Friday Props #72: Back in Vermont Edition AKA Life Hacks for Winter

Posted By Jeanelle Achee Jeanelle Achee Posted On Nov 01 2013 at 03:07 PM Nov 01 2013 at 03:07 PM



Now that the Edgeworks Crew is all back together in adorable Waterbury, Vermont again. I would like to point out an awful truth: winter is coming, people.  Yesterday and today are not good indications of this, but on Tuesday morning I had to SCRAPE THE WINDOWS OF MY CAR, which made me late to work, which then threw off my mojo for the whole day.  There's this new trend of "Life Hacks" abound on the internet, so I was thinking maybe I could compile a winter specific list to make all of our friends/family/frenemies who live in colder climates have an easier Read More >>

Friday Props #71 - Greenville Edition

Friday Props brought to you this week from lovely Greenville, South Carolina.

Friday Props #70

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Oct 18 2013 at 04:11 PM Oct 18 2013 at 04:11 PM



So- I have to assume that everyone read my FASCINATING introductory blog that was recently posted (If you haven’t, shame on you- go read it now and then come back). I’ve already started my takeover of our online blog presence! Which is why I’m switching up the Friday Props form and writing it from my perspective. No mysterious ghost writer here!  It’s kind of a big deal to write these... It caused me a little anxiety about what I would do. So I listened to some Podcasts and got an idea.  As you (now) know, I’m in my Senior year of Nursing Read More >>

Friday Props #69

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Oct 04 2013 at 08:48 PM Oct 04 2013 at 08:48 PM



Dumb ways to die GTA style, sounds of the fox and brilliant swarmbots. It's Friday Props Late Edition #69