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Friday Props - Diecast Racing League

Friday Props was always meant to be a series where we recognize the works of others. Often this has meant that we focus on the works of artists, but occassionally this has meant giving Props to other things entirely, and this is one of those weeks.

We're handing out Props this week to the 3DBotMaker Diecast Racing League. When I first ran across their YouTube channel I sent it over to one of my sons who had a HUGE collection of diecast cars when he was younger and his reaction summed it up pretty well: 

Well we don't think it's a waste of time - we think it deserves your attention! Check out the hi-flying, death-defying action of Matchbox vs. HotWheels at the 3DBotMaker Diescast Racing League YouTube Channel.

There are several kinds of races involved. Rally races are quite fun because the announcers make it worth watching as they comment on the "drivers" and sometimes it is simply hilarious. The KoM races involve cars that are sent in from viewers and raced for time stats. They also have races for specific makes and models of cars such as the British Invasion Tournament.

If you ever played with diecast cars as a kid (or maybe as an adult, too) we think you will find this weeks' recipient of Friday Props to be worthy of recognition.