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Design Q&A: Logos

The question came up recently about what aspects of logo design have to be considered in order for a logo to have a chance at being good or even great. What makes for a great logo?

Top Seven Components of a Great Logo

When you think about logos you probably immediately have some of the most famous examples pop into your mind. It's because they provide great examples that more than likely adhere to most if not all of these seven aspects of great logo design:

  1. Simplicity - The simpler a logo can be, the better. Simplicity helps make a logo recognizable even at small sizes.

  2. Memorability - A great logo should be memorable and easy to recall. It should be unique and stand out from other logos in the same industry.

  3. Timelessness - A great logo will be able to stand the test of time. Fads and fashions will shift, but a great logo can exist through those unchanged.

  4. Versatility - A logo with versatility is able to display on everything from a business card to a billboard and still look sharp. Some logos are great at being versatile in other ways.

  5. Appropriateness - A great logo should reflect the values, personality, and mission of the company it represents.

  6. Color - Color is an important aspect of any logo design as is the ability to look great in black and white.

  7. Typography - Typography is another important aspect of logo design. Excellent typography can make a huge difference.


A great logo is an important part of any brands' identity. It’s often the first thing people see when they encounter a business new to them. It’s important to get it right, because it likely helps inform a person's first impression, which can be everything.

Nike provides us with a logo that is timeless, simple, and memorable.

Nike Logo - simple, timeless, memorable

Coca-Cola uses an instantly recognizable typography. And while we are displaying all of the examples in this post in black and white, I know you can envision the Coca-Cola red when you see this logo.

Coca-Cola logo - exemplifies excellent typography in logo design


FedEx uses clever typography to hide an arrow indicative of their business of moving things. 

FedEx logo - clever hidden image of an arrow inside the type

There are few businesses with a logo as timeless as IBM.

IBM logo as an example of timeless design


Through the ages this logo has represented Apple (and Apple Computer before that) and is an example of an adaptive logo that has seen itself in every version of rainbow color, yet always recognizable.

Apple's logo - adaptive to many colors


Although recently modified, the Volkswagen logo provides an excellent example of a lettermark logo that is simple, recognizable, timeless, and because the brand itself is so iconic (think: VW from the 1970's) the simple logo attaches itself to plenty of personality.

VW logo - Volkswagen's logo


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