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Logo Design and Brand Identity Services

Promoting Recognition and Connection Through Design

Logos are part of a larger group of assets that collectively work to form a brands' identity. We often notice that logo design receives the bulk of attention from those who are looking to create an identity for a new or rebranded business. Often we hear the refrain "I need a logo for my business", and probably that's true, but it is also likely you need more than a logo. It's likely that what you really need a brand identity.

Our approach to logo design is to step back and take an holistic view of the business, event, product, or organization that needs a logo designed, and to pair that with additional brand assets to make sure that the logo is used properly - things like a typographic standard and color pallete, among others. A logo design is part of a larger picture and we account for that. We create designs that include variants so you can use your logo in print and digital realms, on various background colors, and in different orientations and sizes depending on the specifics of your use cases.

A well-designed logo should be recognizable, approachable, understandable, and unique. It should offer something unexpected or unusual without being outrageous. A good logo designer will understand the tone, voice, and feel of your brand mission and embody that within a graphic design that clicks. A good logo will avoid bad fonts (we're looking at you, Papyrus) and color schemes that hurt the eyes.

Whether your final logo is a wordmark, lettermark, symbol, or emblem, Edgeworks Creative can help you craft your visual identity. Our team has decades of experience helping to develop brand asstes like creative logo designs, and we hope to be working together with you on your next logo design project.

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