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We code so you don't have to

The Edgeworks CMS

We develop website solutions exclusively on the Edgeworks CMS. It is the engine not only for your new website, but for our business. We take the Edgeworks CMS platform and its' application for your projects — and ours — very seriously. The Edgeworks CMS is trusted by multinational clients, Vermont’s largest union, multiple colleges, school districts, unified unions, and businesses and organizations of all sorts and sizes.

Our platform has been lovingly crafted to be exceptionally flexible and powerful. This allows us to achieve pixel-perfect website designs capable of standing out from the competition.

We use industry-standard software libraries under the hood of the Edgeworks CMS so the engine is well-tested and well-supported. The most common objection we hear from potential clients who are unfamiliar with our work is that we don’t use WordPress. It’s true! And our clients love it because the sites we build for them using the Edgeworks CMS are much simpler for them to manage.

We have developed the Edgeworks CMS platform to focus on the following key aspects that impact the website management experience for our clients:

  • 1

    Easier than using the force

    Ease of administration

    A website should be as simple to update as possible. With our CMS, editing is as simple as point -> click -> edit or using menus in the website administration.
  • 2

    Like vader (but less scary)


    Along with great ease comes great power. We provide our clients with the ability to manage, edit, and report on the business objects that matter to them.
  • 3

    rocky before his training montage

    But Not Too Powerful

    You create the content and manage the business objects, but we keep you coloring inside the lines with visual design and typographic integrity built directly into the features of the site editor. This keeps your site looking great!
  • 4

    You drive, we maintain the engine

    Fuss removal

    As the stakeholder your focus should be on your business objectives, not on the bells and whistles of the latest web technologies and the code running the show. We take care of the pesky details and stash them under the hood.
  • 5

    Kind of like a burrito


    Our website platform is modular, secure, fast, and adaptable both to outstanding design and to your business goals.
  • 6

    We taught it to play nice

    Friendly to APIs

    A website platform should work well with other systems and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). We designed the Edgeworks CMS to allow for integration with other systems.
  • 7

    Track what matters


    The Edgeworks CMS platform offers ways to measure success and engagement by providing a snapshot of your website performance over the last 30 days, with full analytics just a click away.
  • 8

    Built with security in mind


    Our CMS platform is built using industry standards and best practices for security and information protection. Form data is collected only over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and sensitive data is encrypted at rest.

Simple To Use

Our process includes in-person training for you and your team and we are available to answer any questions or concerns after your project goes live. Schedule a time to meet with us and we can show you how easy it is to administer an Edgeworks CMS website — often it is as simple as point, click, edit.

Let's build something great together.