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Friday Props : Ranking edition

Posted By  Posted On Sep 21 2016 at 02:11 PM Sep 21 2016 at 02:11 PM



Ranking everything from 007 to h2o...

Friday Props- Crazy Cool and Weird Tech Edition

This Friday props is solely dedicated to technology, the cool , the weird and the unbelievable. Need I say more...   Since the inception of film, if you wanted to shoot a car for a commercial or movie, you needed that actual car on-set. With The Mill Blackbird Transformable Car Rig, you can shoot any car in the world with this one tool and it looks super cool.       Now I'm not sure how I feel about this next prop. Robots serving you your food seems a little creepy and impersonal to me, but its happening in china right now.     I've always been skeptical about Read More >>