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Friday Props - Vermont Arts Council

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Nov 28 2023 at 10:31 AM Nov 28 2023 at 10:31 AM



The Vermont Arts Council has a mission to cultvate and advance the arts and creativity throughout Vermont. Over the years the organization has supported, organized, and celebrated arts and artists in myriad ways. From place-making to poetry the organization is deeply involved and engaged in encouraging arts of all forms in our communities.

We highly encourage you to check out their website - you may be surpirsed by the depth of their programming and available resources.

For Friday Props, we are recognizing the Vermont Arts Council's Artist Development grants program.

These small grants (up to $2000) are available to Vermont artists, artisans, and even business owners who are looking to accomplish any number of a broad range of things. Grants can be used for:

  • advanced study of technique or practice with a mentor
  • attending a professional conference to build business or artistic skills or knowledge
  • contracting professional services including photographic documentation of work, contract preparation or business incorporation, creation of accounting systems, developing e-commerce on a website, creation of marketing materials, etc.
  • marketing, planning, purchasing some materials, or renting studio space (outside of your own home) to create new exhibitions or performances
  • travel within the United States

We are huge fans of encouraging creativity and huge fans of this grant program. So Friday Props to Vermont Arts Council for the awesome work they do, and the Artist Development grant program specifically. If you intend to apply be sure to do so by the January 30,2024 deadline.


Artist Development Grants

Vermont Arts Council Programs

FY2023 Grant Awardees (good for a sense of what has been awarded previously)