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Friday Props - Planet Builder

One of the best aspects of the internet are the cool side projects that amazing people with crazy skills make and share with the world. And being rather big fans of science fiction we gravitate towards things that have a sci-fi flavor. This week our Friday Props goes to an online app for generative planet building

The app gives us control over several factors of the planet we ultimately generate. The artist tells us on the site that the experiment was meant to generate planets from the Isaac Asimov Robot, Empire and Foundation Series. The resulting worlds are fun to behold and create. Each dynamic planet swirls about its business and invites our attention. Fun! 

Planet Builder is a project from Zeh Fernandes, a designer and software developer based in São Paulo, Brasil. His portfolio of works goes way, way, way beyond the Planet Builder experience and we highly recommend checking out his website and checking out some of his other computational experiments. 

Fernandes' thoughts on design and his explorations on the subject computational thinking in the realm of design are worthy of your time. 


Props for Planet Builder, Props for Zeh Ferandes!


Planet Builder:

Zeh Fernandes Website: