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Friday Props - Wild Woogs

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Dec 08 2023 at 10:00 AM Dec 08 2023 at 10:00 AM



I first encountered Wild Woogs at the 2023 Waterbury Arts Fest. I admired the whimsy and uniqueness of the stuffed monsters and found it so easy to want to share the delight they cause. I could see a Woog for every member of the family!

Fabric artist Natalie Carr delivers one-of-a-kind creations made of upcycled fabrics through a multi-step process. Her sketchbooks fill up with Wild Woog characters that come to life in her studio as she imagines and crafts each aspect of the character. The source of inspiration for the Woogs is all around in nature. Whatever the source of her inspiration we are certainly lucky she has found it!

Wild Woog Fabric MonsterWild Woog - White Yeti-looking monster

As you can see, Wild Woogs bring us delight no matter our age. Indeed, this is a primary point:

My work is intended to pull at the heart strings of adults, re-enchanting their world. I often hear ‘these are wonderful, I wish I knew a child to give one to’ and I remind people "you!" - You are that child. We cannot forget to connect to our inner child. My work is delight for delights sake, it is meant to do nothing more than make you smile, and add a little whimsy to your daily norms. 

I'm a fairly easy person to figure out and if you've read any or many Friday Props then you know that whimsical works for me every time. One customer of Carr's notes "Wow! I haven't needed a stuffed animal in 50 years, but I do now!" We can relate. 

Not every Woog is large, and in fact there are at the time of this writing some smaller Woogs available for adoption and even some ornaments which are also super fun. 

Woog OrnamentNatalie Carr -fabric artist and creator of Wild Woogs


Props this week for the delightful Vermont-made monsters and the joy they surely bring those who bring them home. Props to fabric artist Natalie Carr.


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