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Friday Props - Doodle Place

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Dec 21 2023 at 01:39 PM Dec 21 2023 at 01:39 PM



Props this week to an online "tool" that lets you draw a simple doodle and then watch it animate and become part of a doodle world. Doodle Place is a virtual world inhabited by user-submitted, computationally-animated doodles. 

You'll find unicorns, people, and of course male gentalia roaming around the stick-figure universe. There are 59,221 doodles presently. It's a pretty silly and simple pleasure, but the code behind making it happen is pretty intense. I made a car doodle then watched it move about the world. Fun!


Props going out this week for Lingdong Huang, the developer behind the collaborative project. You should check out his other projects on Glitch and GitHub (links below). Huang applies his technical skills toward making art - procedurally generated art like nonflowers, or infinitely scrolling Chinese landscapes.

Moving outside his artistry and focusing on his tech chops, Huang developed a programming language (Wenyan) using ancient Chinese and even created an online IDE to work with it. Amazing. Check out his personal website for a great portfolio of projects worth digging into.



Doodle-Place -

Lingdong Huang, developer -       GitHub     |      Glitch       |       Personal Website        |     YouTube Channel

Nonflowers - generated flowers in Gongbi style painting -

Wenyan IDE -