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Friday Props- Crazy Cool and Weird Tech Edition

Were back from an extended vacation to bring you another friday props!


This Friday props is solely dedicated to technology, the cool , the weird and the unbelievable. Need I say more...

Since the inception of film, if you wanted to shoot a car for a commercial or movie, you needed that actual car on-set. With The Mill Blackbird Transformable Car Rig, you can shoot any car in the world with this one tool and it looks super cool.





Now I'm not sure how I feel about this next prop. Robots serving you your food seems a little creepy and impersonal to me, but its happening in china right now.



I've always been skeptical about life outside of earth, but it seems like China is pretty dead set on finding out for sure. Check out the worlds largest radio telescope that is currently on the lookout for extraterrestrial life.