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Friday Props - Kazuaki Harada

With the turn of a handle the creations of Japanese artist Kazuaki Harada come to life and generate fascination, smiles, and Friday Props.

The delightful wooden automatons come from the imagination of the artist who began producing automatons in 2002. Harada majored in Contemporary Crafts at Falmouth University Graduate School and studied under Matt Smith, a leading expert in automaton production.

Many of Harada’s early designs were focused on creating moving animals. Harada’s first automaton called Exercise (2006), features a pig lifting weights and remains one of his favorite creations. 


Harada has been prolific in the creation of these toys and we highly recommend checking out his YouTube Channel, give him a follow on Instagram and check out his website for a look at the incredible variety he has produced from tiny to huge and simple to exceptionally complex.

Along with the whimsical designs he also makes statements in some of his works like the one below which he produced for World Wood Day.