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Friday Props - Adulting Merit Badges

If you were ever a boy scout or girl scout you probably remember earning merit badges for skills you acquired like archery, basket weaving, swimming, building a fire or other activities. They were a reward for progressing through the steps required to raise in rank and they were sources of pride for young scouts.

This week we hand out Props for a whole new category of merit badges: Adulting. We needed a good laugh this week and these hit the spot. We hope you enjoy them as well!

We would not qualify for the Netflix badge. Would you?

Putting pants on is a particularly difficult badge to earn in the age of COVID.

We'd ask what you think of this set of badges, but we want to earn the Minding My Own Business badge.

If you remember your password to your backup program and you get it done in time you can earn this trifecta of badges all at once!

We'd talk with you about these badges, but then we wouldn't earn the anti-social badge.

Who hasn't joined a group call this year?!

It's been easy to arrive to work on time since working at home and the bagged lunch is pretty moot, too, but these do qualify as adulting.

It's likely that you could earn the early-to-bed badge alongside the one-episode badge. Apparently, however, you cannot earn the putting-on-pants badge with the worked-form-home one.

We think if you made it this far you already earned the learned-something-new badge so congratulations!

If you are interested in ACTUALLY having these badges check out the links below:


Go forth and adlut, scouts!