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Friday Props #43

 I don't live in Florida. I don't want to live in Florida (as far as I know). And while there are a few aspects I wish we had here in Vermont (Year-round bass fishing), I doubt I would consider it 'paradise' as a former resident of New England described it on the phone to me earlier this week. Still, our Props this week originate from warm-weather climes and would be difficult to duplicate here in Zone 4-5. Perhaps someday I'll have an opportunity to visit a few of these places.....but they sure aren't in Florida.

Friday Props #42

 A little bit of sickness is still lingering in my sinuses so please pardon my brevity on the props. Today is many things: Today is Friday. Today is The Ides of March. Today is also Props Edition #42 (not to be considered the answer to Life The Universe, and Everything).

Friday Props #41

When I'm feeling down, when I'm feeling a little blue, when I find myself banging my head against a palm tree until small lizards fall, there's only one solution for me! Friday Props!

Props. The security blanket for all your creative needs. Read More >>

Friday Props #40

She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka Prop Buh-lini. Tiny. Small. Miniature. One catch phrase I used to hear frequently from a former boss of mine was "detail-oriented." Given the context of those conversations, I'll stick with the first three and avoid making you suffer through the oft-used cliches to introduce our Prop-holders today. Read More >>

Friday Props #39

  There once was and old man who grew crops. He resented the lazy young fops. He leaned on his shovel, went back to his hovel and wrote the world's greatest Props. Friday Props. Brought you to today by the letter 'bird.' 

Friday Props #38?

Posted By Phil Stevens Phil Stevens Posted On Feb 08 2013 at 12:35 PM Feb 08 2013 at 12:35 PM



Ahhh, the quandaries of the quarries. What to do, what to do? Friday Props is one of our outlets at work. A way for us to get away from our desk mentally and go to places we'd prefer to haunt. So are our Nerf Guns. While we REALLY enjoy our time here, we didn't think it fair to hog all the Props action. Or the Nerf guns. After forming a quorum at our square table caucus, we made a decision: We want to find out where your mind wanders, what creative little nuggets to you admire and feel are Props-worthy?

Friday Props #37

Posted By Phil Stevens Phil Stevens Posted On Feb 01 2013 at 02:32 PM Feb 01 2013 at 02:32 PM



"Old woman!""Man.""Man. Sorry. What knight lives in that castle over there?""I'm 37.""What?""I'm 37. I'm not old." Clippity clops, plippity plops, finally on to Friday Props! The quest continues for all sorts of creative treats! Because I'm in charge of giving away our first (of many) customized Nerf Guns, this week I'm relying on brevity to speak for me and your comments to fill in some of the blanks. Read More >>

Friday Props #36

      Ah, the lonely penny makes no noise. Get a whole mess of them together with a few quarters and dimes, though and you have a small orchestra in your pocket. I woke up this morning, fed The Cheat, put on the kettle and took a glance out through the window at the crystaline cold before plodding in the shower. There, for reasons I will never fully understand, my mind wandered in the steam before settling on coins. Mobile little pieces of metal jingling in my pocket (not in the shower, mind you, but at other times, yes). I wondered Read More >>

Friday Props #34

Posted By Phil Stevens Phil Stevens Posted On Jan 11 2013 at 11:34 AM Jan 11 2013 at 11:34 AM



Nestled high up in the verdant hills, gazing across the grassy plains that stretch across the horizon below, Our Hero stands, hands on hips, nostril hair wafting in the refreshing breeze and fresh beads of sweat crawling down, smiling.

Friday Props #33

These are troubling times. Global warming. A contentious Congress. Invasive species. When I need to get away from it all, I turn to the one thing I know I can trust: Friday Props. This week we made past the threshold of the New Year and popped out safe on the other side, straight into the harsh reality of an arctic blast. That beautiful snow that blanketed our landscape with soft, fluffy flakes squeeked under our boots and hunkered down to keep warm. Don't get me wrong. This is winter and it gets cold. I know this. After a few days of Read More >>