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Friday Props #42

 A little bit of sickness is still lingering in my sinuses so please pardon my brevity on the props. Today is many things: Today is Friday. Today is The Ides of March. Today is also Props Edition #42 (not to be considered the answer to Life The Universe, and Everything). Without delving deep into the historical archives of Wikipedia and throwing all sorts of historical weight being March 15, we'll leave it at that. Today is a good day.

Our first mind-bending Prop today goes out to Italian artist Ferruccio Laviani. This is the first example I've recognized as Glitch Art: art that is meant to capture the visual image of something as though your TV was on the fritz. I'd venture to say that I've seen examples before in visual media, but this? This is made out of wood. Looking at these pictures literally throws my mind into a spin.



Next up, fragile patience. It is a little early for Easter, but I couldn't hold back after seeing the work of Franc Grom. Sure, you've seen the famous Faberge eggs created for the Russian aristocracy back in the day encrusted with jewels and beautiful trinkets inside. By no means are we saying the Franc's eggs are better, but his delicate art is breath taking.

 Frac Grom 1Frac Grom 2


Finally, your third Prop: the chromatic typewriter. You and I use a keyboard all the time and, apparently, so does Tyree Callahan. One thing is for certain, her's is much more beautiful than any keyboard I've ever used. I couldn't find anything about how this machine actually works to feed the paint onto the blotters, but it works. It's beautiful. It's doubly creative.