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Friday Props #40

She wore an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny, yellow polka Prop Buh-lini

Tiny. Small. Miniature. One catch phrase I used to hear frequently from a former boss of mine was "detail-oriented." Given the context of those conversations, I'll stick with the first three and avoid making you suffer through the oft-used clichés to introduce our Prop-holders today. I can't imagine HOW these folks can focus so intently on their work, but the results are amazing in their own right.

In the world of nature, I miss many of the wonders on account of us zooming around as quickly as I do and the fact that I don't own a very small camera. Russian photographer Andrew Osokin immerses himself some of these small wonders. My first thoughts? "'Snowflake' Bently is back!" My second? "He must have very cold breath."

snowflakeWater droplets

     We next raise Props and sing to the rafters for Eric Standley. Why? Because he uses frikkin' lazer beams. First, he DRAWS his creations. Then he stacks many, many piece of colored paper. Then comes the lazer. The results are astounding works of art. Although it may be difficult to navigate, I STRONGLY suggest you visit his website take a look-see.


 Finally, Friday Props bows down to Thomas Doyle. Call it a diorama. Or a call it a terrarium. Maybe you'd write him off and say 'oh! He's just playing with dolls' (But I don't think you'd ever do such a thing). Mr. Doyle creates scenes on a small scale, encapsulating a moment in time that will likely never come and letting your mind tell the story behind it. Like his Prop-mate Mr. Stadley, I recommend taking a few minutes to explore the worlds he created.

floating minihousethumbs_brace_1