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Friday Props #38?

Ahhh, the quandaries of the quarries. What to do, what to do? Friday Props is one of our outlets at work. A way for us to get away from our desk mentally and go to places we'd prefer to haunt. So are our Nerf Guns. While we REALLY enjoy our time here, we didn't think it fair to hog all the Props action. Or the Nerf guns.

After forming a quorum at our square table caucus, we made a decision: We want to find out where your mind wanders, what creative little nuggets to you admire and feel are Props-worthy? Our inquiring minds want to know (as scary as this may be).

Here's your rules: One submission per person. Send us a link of your Props-worthy stuff and include (and this is VERY important) a bit of background on it. Next Thursday, we'll reconvene the caucus, develop a quorum of the tops, the tops, the cream of the crops. The top three will be Friday Props #39 and the Props-Makers will get to chose one of these nifty pimped-out Nerf guns. If two of the winners want the same Nerf Gun, we'll have a duel at high noon in Waterbury with each combatant marking off ten paces before turning to fire with velcro-tipped Nerf darts at their opponent (but we don't think it will come to this). Please keep your submission clean. Please don't submit props with an overtly political or religious agenda. And, finally, we reserve the right to edit your commentary for grammar, spelling and such. Send your idears to [email protected]

Oh, and the black one on the bottom already has a home, but we could make another Hammer model if you ask nicely (and win)

There it is! May the Props begin!