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Friday Props - The Eclectic Edition

Our hundredth Friday Props post is just one week away, so I'll be returning to our themeless roots. But first, I'll put in my plug to come back next week for our 100th Post Retrospective, which promises to be full of fun findings. With that bit of business out of the way, here are your regularly scheduled Friday Props. First props this week go to Ernesto Neto's highly interactive, extremely immersive sculptures. Often regarded as "playscapes" these sculptures engage viewers and encourage their exploration and tactile exploration of the work.Picture below is work from his exhibit  entitled "Madness is Part of Read More >>

Friday Props #85 - Scale

Friday Props 85- Scale Today’s Friday! But what does Friday mean, aside from Friday Props? Friday is a day in a week, in a month, in a year, in a decade, etc. But Friday only has meaning if it has context. Todays Props go out to those who have wondered about, and visualized various scales. From time, to size, to bytes, data has been given context through visual interpretation and, spoiler alert, it’s cool stuff.   Here Is Today is an interactive, visual representation of time created by freelance designer/ illustrator Luke Twyman.  The visualization features a diagram of today Read More >>

Why Good Design Matters

Design—it is all around us. Stop reading for just a moment and look around you—every man-made item in your field of vision was designed by someone. Permeating our lives, good design is often not noticed while bad design drives us to frustration; the cell phone that hangs up when held against your ear in a particular manner is more often noticed than the one that functions flawlessly and lets you go on with the task at hand without bringing attention to itself. Yet even without noticing it, all design influences you. Design impacts our daily lives. It can be found in a myriad of areas–from architecture to transportation to product design to graphic design (to name just a few). Sometimes design crosses into the realm of art and becomes something to look at and contemplate, to move people, to create controversy or to enrich lives. And while it is true that design shares a spark of creativity and innovation with art, most often design is much more specific—it is creativity deployed for a specific goal and that goal is usually one of solving a problem or communicating a message. Graphic design, in particular, conveys messages in our modern media-centric society. There is [....] Read More >>

Meet the Team: Cynthia Ryan

The year is 2025 and the Zombie Apocalypse has devastated the United States, all save for Vermont, thanks to Edgeworks Creative and its ingenious co-founder, Cynthia Ryan. In the small town of Waterbury, this highly creative, fun and sometimes funny (there’s occasionally an issue with the punchline being forgotten because of the intricacy of the jokes) woman figured out the KEY to saving humanity through design. Cynthia wanted to be an artist from a young age and honed her skill while watching her grandparents, both professional artists, work in their design studio. Her passion for art spurred her to go to school and study visual media, giving her a strong foundation in design which she provided to her clients in a timely, cost-effective and ascetically pleasing manner... before the dark ages. Little did she know that her ancestors were passing down a valuable skill that not only would provide for her living, but also enable the continuation of the human race. Cynthia found there is more than one way to control a zombie invasion. Yes- there is the basic method (aim for the head and run like heck in the opposite direction) but she figured out that her skill and technique was so [....] Read More >>