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Friday Props - The Eclectic Edition

Our hundredth Friday Props post is just one week away, so I'll be returning to our themeless roots. But first, I'll put in my plug to come back next week for our 100th Post Retrospective, which promises to be full of fun findings. With that bit of business out of the way, here are your regularly scheduled Friday Props.

First props this week go to Ernesto Neto's highly interactive, extremely immersive sculptures. Often regarded as "playscapes" these sculptures engage viewers and encourage their exploration and tactile exploration of the work.Picture below is work from his exhibit  entitled "Madness is Part of Life" from 2013.


My second props this week go to Florence Meunier for turning the Apple terms of service agreement into something you might actually want to read. Her project "The Man Who Agreed" turns the agreement into a story book that might actually compel you to interact with it.



My third props this week go to Bubble Calendar, for this insanely simple, but clever calendar. This one speaks for itself, but does leave me wondering how they package it for shipping; bubble wrap perhaps?


I'll be giving my last props this week to this short video (36 seconds) which features both dancing and some sweet motion graphics. 

That'll round up today's collection of props worthy findings. Check back next week for our most propsful edition of Friday Props. If you find anything props worthy drop it in the comments below or on our facebook.