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Friday Prop - The Animation Edition

I’ve been on a bit of a motion graphics kick this week, so I’m going to be giving props to some crazy cool animations in this edition of Friday Props.

I’ll jump right in by giving props to Spacetime Fabric Softener, an animated short by Professor Soap, who labels himself as A "purveyor of audiovisual candy". You can check out his website here, but I’d start by watching the short below, which features a highly playful visual treatment to deliver a light and playful story.

My second props goes to a stop motion animation by graffiti artists Blu and David Ellis. Blu is well known for his mural animations, and this is one that doesn’t fail to impress. The animation itself is less clean than the previous, but impressive none the less.

My third props this week goes to BRDG Tokyo for Lilium. It’s hard to explain what this one is, beyond abstract and full of energy. It presents itself in a grunge styling that BRDG Tokyo seems to favor heavily in their work, which can be seen here.

My final props this week go to Tao Tajima for an animation entitled "Night Stroll". The animation features clean graphics incorporated into film from the streets of Tokyo, all set to some pretty upbeat music. A huge contrast from the styling of Lilium.

That’ll wrap up this weeks Friday Props. If you see something neat around the web, be sure to send it our way via our Facebook or in the comments below.