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Friday Props #90 - Musical Connections

It’s Friday once more, and despite the festivities, we managed to steal some time to find a couple of props-worthy gems. We’ll open with this unique music video for Wilkinson's “Afterglow”. Director Remy Cayuela has picked up multiple awards for the video, including first prize in the Young Directors Award at the Cannes Festival this year and a nomination for ‘Best dance video’ award at the UK Music Video Awards. The video breaks down a romantic relationship into statistics to create an interesting profile of two people through numbers. Watch it below, but be warned it does contain some NSFW undertones. You can check out more of Remy’s work over at his website.


If you're more interested in the music than the video itself you might want to give The Infinite Jukebox a look. The project which resulted from a Music Hack Day at MIT in 2012 analyzes mp3 audio and finds portions of the songs that could link together. It then takes that data and creates a framework that plays your song of choice infinitely, in a dynamic manner. For a complete rundown of how the project works you should check out the FAQs, then move on to creator Paul Lamere’s blog, Music Machinery. The Infinite Jukebox subreddit is also worth scrolling through, especially because it features songs that end up creating the most compelling audio mixes. The project does handle some music better than others. Specifically, songs which are more “self-similar” than those that are entirely unique throughout. Come Together by The Beatles is a fantastic place to start, though Afterglow also works pretty flawlessly. In addition to being a really cool concept, the visualizer that accompanies the audio is a pretty fascinating look at how songs relate to themselves. Here’s a blog entry that discusses exactly what you’re seeing.

Infinite Jukebox

We’ll leave you with those for this week. If you have something you think is props-worthy send us a link via Facebook, or drop it in a comment below.