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Friday Props: A Whirlwind Edition

It's been a pretty hectic week here at edgeworks creative, so i'm keeping the theme going with a Whirlwind Edition of Friday Props. Here Goes!

First up is this time collapsed video of kites on the beach. It's a fitting start to this eclectic collection of propsworthy coolness. It's neat, need I say more?

Next up is this mock campaign to build a 300 mile wall around San Francisco. Why? To keep burning man participants from returning of course! The video featured below is fairly amusing itself, but the site itself ( completes the experience


How about another piece of humorous props? Here's a stab at Starbucks baristas and their ability to constantly misspell names.

An adrenaline filled props goes to this footage from some extreme dinghy racing (yes, it's apparently a thing) down in Australia.


While I'm on motorsports, here's a throwback to 2013 of some Audi's paintball dueling each other.


And just because I can't pass up the opportunity to props an animation, I'll wrap up this week with this one for Louise Roam's "The Walk". It's abstract and beautiful. Give it a look.