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Friday Props- The Super Cute Shorts Edition


It's a beautiful June day here in Vermont. Perfect weather for some super cute shorts. No, not overalls or ones with fun patterns. I'm talking animated shorts on this weeks Friday Props- The Super Cute Shorts Edition.

First up is Hola Llamigo. It's cute. It's short. It features a living, breathing piñata.  It fit's the bill perfectly.

Second in this weeks lineup is this animation for Calvin Cardioid's "Everything To Me". Featuring an adorable astronaut and some mellow tunes, it's a super cute adventure short.

Half live action, half animation. This music video for Grades' "king" is about as fun as they get. A propsworthy short for sure.

My final props goes out to Miss Todd. Less cute than the others in the group, it was too stunning to pass up for props this week. This short a beautiful papercraft, stop motion story that tells the story of E. Lilian Todd. For those of you who don't know, she was the first woman to design airplanes.