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Landing Pages - What, Why and How

One of the most effective tools we have in our bag of tricks is the effective planning and execution of well-done Landing Pages. If you own a business and are looking to expand your reach, it is worthy of your time to consider a Landing Page campaign.

What are Landing Pages?

I'm glad you asked. Landing Pages are simply web pages on your site that are typically designed for a singular purpose - usually a sign-up (lead generation) or a sale. A typical business might have anywhere from a handful to hundreds of Landing Pages. They are closely tied to online advertising such as a Google AdWords campaign in order to be logical extension of the advertisement or link.

Why Landing Pages?

Landing Pages are designed to speak to the target audience directly. When combined with contextual search advertising they are able to reach people interested in your service or product at the exact moment they are looking.  Landing Pages provide businesses a valuable resource for gaining new contacts and customers. When done properly a Landing Page campaign can easily pay for itself by generating new business leads.

How are Landing Page Campaigns Done?

Example Landing Page
When we create a Landing Page Campaign we look at several important factors to help us determine what exactly to create:

  1. What are the likely search phrases a person would use to find your Landing Page?
  2. What is the product or service offered and who is the likely audience?
  3. What is the geographic reach for the business?
  4. What is the Call to Action?
We start by looking at the likely search phrases a person would use to find your product or service. If you run a dance studio then we would look at likely phrases such as:
dance lessons, learn to dance, wedding dance lessons, ballroom dance instruction, dancing lessons, etc.
Once we have a list of likely search phrases we then set about gathering data on the likely number of searches per month for the phrases, the competitiveness of those phrases (how many other dance studios are advertising on these keywords?) and other metrics to help us cull the list and prioritize. Once we have approval on the list of keywords we then begin the next step which is gaining a deeper understanding of the audience and the product or service.

We want to incorporate the benefits of your product or service into the design of the Landing Page. We identify the intended audience to help steer the design of the Landing Page(s) as well. For example, if we know that our audience is likely to be moms looking for ballet lessons  for their children in Burlington, Vermont, we will want to be sure to utilize imagery of young ballet students and language on the page(s) which moms can relate to. If the audience is more difficult to discern then we will instead focus the design solely on the product or service. In the example above we would likely limit our campaign to people searching from within the geography of Burlington and its' surrounding towns and we would also want to be sure to include in our list of targeted search phrases those who explicitly search for the region (e.g. "Burlington VT dance lessons"). We also pay close attention to the Call to Action. The Call to Action is the action you want the visitor to perform once they have arrived at your landing page.  Typically this is simply getting a person's very basic contact information as an expression of willingness to be contacted with more information. Often we counsel our clients to consider newsletters or other email-based campaigns to keep in touch with those who have expressed an interest. Sometimes, however, the Call to Action can be more complex. The simpler the requested action, the more likely a visitor will be to follow through with it. If you are looking to develop new business leads consider Edgeworks Creative and a Landing Page campaign.