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Friday Props - Krivitzky

Posted By Ed Rooney Ed Rooney Posted On Sep 15 2021 at 11:49 PM Sep 15 2021 at 11:49 PM



If I ever need a lawyer in Moscow I'm going to call these guys. Props for the website of Russian attorney firm Krivitzky. I honestly don't know if this is some weird parody or a real firm, but either way the website is brutalist and outrageous enough to perhaps be some subliminal Russian psy-ops Props-project.

We stand behind businesses’ backs as they move towards their goals. We are a very smart and experienced law firm committed to protecting our clients’ interests while being uncomfortable for opponents.

One scroll through the homepage of the site will make clear how absolutely over the top this firms website is with the messaging that really would make opponents uncomfortable.

What I do know is that any man who is is chained to a giant diamond one moment and flying free via rocket jetpack the next is the kind of bankruptcy miracle worker whose website deserves the audacious call-to-action they use: