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Alphabet Soup: CTR

Thank you for clicking through to see this post about CTR which stands for Click Through Rate.

CTR is a metric used to understand how well marketing efforts are performing. It tracks the rate at which users click ads or links. Because the result is a percentage it is possible to use CTR to compare campaigns against one another regardless of the overall traffic volume. 

The formula for determining CTR is simple: 

CTR = ( clicks / impressions ) x 100


Click Through Rates can vary between different types of campaigns and across different market segments. For example, the average CTR for search advertising on Google is around 5% while display ads tend to yield a CTR of closer to 0.1%

Improving your CTR is possible by paying attention to things such as:

  • Placement - a header banner ad will likely receive more clicks than a link in the footer
  • Call-to-action - if you have a weak CTA it mighrt improve your CTR to consider different wording
  • Keywords - the keywords you target will ideally be long tail keywords which generally have a better CTR
  • Visuals - if you are measuring CTR for display campaign or for email marketing then pay close attenfion to the grpahics you use

It is important to understand that CTR is rarely the end-all metric. It's more likely that conversion rates are where the rubber meets the road for your return on investment. Improving CTR often goes hand-in-hand with making sure the increase in clicks is coupled with an increase in conversions.

Get in touch today if you want to improve your CTR. We're here to help.