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Friday Props #12

Eggplant. Who doesn't love a little  Solanum melongena now and again? In this, our twelfth week of Friday Props, we're looking at eggplant. What a strange thing to be handing out props for, yes? Yes. But hold onto your hats because I promise you'll fully like what we have in store for you this week. Cooking up Color Love You might think we're going to look at recipes (and the thought did cross our minds), but instead we're handing out props to one of our favorite spots on the web to get inspiration for color schemes. Colour Lovers is a spot to create, share and use color schemes contributed by a community of users. The aubergine flower to the left was made with a color palette we liked named ... wait for it .... eggplant       Vermont Style Gardening We all know there are no better gardeners than those who manage to bring forth in our short growing season enough bounty to get a family through the winter. Well here's a garden in Rochester, Vermont where the bounty is so rich and the heart behind growing it so generous that we just had to hand out Props. (We don't actually know if there is any eggplant in [....] Read More >>

Meet the Team: Philip Stevens

Posted By Phil Stevens Phil Stevens Posted On Jun 07 2012 at 02:27 PM Jun 07 2012 at 02:27 PM



Whether hob-knobbing with the jet set during the Monaco Grand Prix, having dinner with political insiders at The French Laundry or testing the latest jet-pack across the croc-filled waters of the Zambezi River, SEO / SEM Specialist Philip Stevens is the adventuresome social butterfly of the Edgeworks Creative Team. Tiring of the 5-star lifestyle, Philip settled back into Central Vermont and began transitioning his social networking powers for clients, boosting their reputation on the internet with well-developed marketing strategies. “Search engines and people aren’t all that different from one another,” he says. “The only difference is that sometimes people will invite you to Monaco. Search engines won’t.” Tracking the evolution of search engines and social networking, Philip combines his vivid imagination with precise marketing skills to develop exposure campaigns that would put a flasher to shame. Recruited to the Edgeworks Creative team in the fall of 2011, Philip worked in the hospitality industry as a manager at one of the best resorts in the country. His ability to adapt quickly and develop unique angles and niches for our clients hides his deadly aptitude with the Nerf gun. Working extensively in the worlds of Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and Google +, Philip creates a buzz for our clients until it [....] Read More >>