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Tag-You Responded!

Posted By Cynthia Ryan Cynthia Ryan Posted On Aug 22 2012 at 08:43 PM Aug 22 2012 at 08:43 PM



We had a great response to our Friday props request from Jeanelle Achee. Enjoy! So I heard that Ed Rooney likes fish tacos. I guess that spending time in California will do that to you... Anyway, it seemed like a great Friday Props! I just recently returned from Alaska where I learned how to make traditional Mexican tortillas (it's actually pretty darn easy, it involves two ingredients...) and to place inside the newly formed tortillas we made beer battered fish.

Here's how to make fish tacos: 1. Buy a boat load of tilapia 2. Cut that tilapia up into strips 3. Mix fish batter and beer and dip the tilapia into it and let it soak 4. Buy a vat of peanut oil and deep fry that shiz 5. Put into a corn tortilla, add lettuce, mexican creme, fresh salsa and limes 6. Stuff your face (and if you are of age, 21 in the United States, add some tequila) It looks something like this when you are done:

Another way to do it is you can just catch them in the wild... like this:

That seems way more reasonable to me, but whatever. They wanted to do it the traditional way. It seemed important to learn a little about Mexican culture since fish tacos are a very delicious part of it. First- I'm going to focus on myself and give my experience of Mexico and fish tacos. The first time I met my step-mom she took my family on a little expedition and we had the BEST tacos I've had in my whole life. Basically the story goes, my dad met her at a club and then we spent the next week with her as she showed us around Mexico. One day we went to go look at these natural water spout thingies (like old glory... or whatever) and we stopped for food along the way. She said that they were the "best tacos" (but in Spanish of course), and I was skeptical because there were like a million tacos stands around and the one she was bringing us to looked pretty run down. We pulled into this ramshackle building that was open to the street and we sat down behind like 5 different kinds of hot sauce and salsa (which wasn't a bad start) and a plate of corn tortillas was plonked down in front of me. The fish that was inside, I swear was almost still alive it was so fresh. The woman basically walked down to the water, chopped its head off and threw it in the batter and  stuck it in the taco. They were little pieces of deep fried heaven. The bones were so small you didn't have to pick them out and it melted on your tongue. I ate like a real Mexican, took some lime, squeezed it all over that baby, added hot sauce, mexican cream (like the off-brand version of sour cream) and CHOWED DOWN. I've never had tacos that good since. I wanted to find out the history of the taco for real, so I looked it up. The History of the Taco According to Wikipedia... is really freaking boring.  So here's the condensed version. Basically tacos are awesome. Period. Since Ed enjoys tacos so much, I really wanted to get into the spirit of them and have done some preliminary research on Halloween costumes that he and the other employees of Edgeworks Creative can wear during the holiday season.

Option one: Taco Man.  


Option two: All the flavors of hot sauce (personally, I think that Phil would really enjoy this one. He could also choose to be mild or medium... there's so many options).


Then Cyndi could (finally) buy a dog and dress it up and have it hand out candy with her at the office (this is the best option for her—and it allows her to unwittingly finally buy her oldest child a dog... don't mention this to Cyndi. Also- imagine that this dog is a German Shepherd.)

Anyway, those are my thoughts on tacos. Now that it is the weekend- there is no better time to decide to take some time to make/eat/become really ill doing both. I bet you could even convince Ed to do a song and dance if you made him some really spectacular ones. Here's a stupid song about a tacos to end the Props:

Fun Facts about Tacos: 1. There is a National Taco Day: It's October 4th 2. It is not the same as National Burrito Day, which is the first Thursday of April 3. It is also not the same thing as National Nacho Day which is November 6th 4. Over 2 million tacos are served per year at Taco Bell 5. You can get free Taco Bell for life if you are in one of their commercials Friday Props! Woo!