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Friday Props - the Creative Can-do Edition

This week’s Friday Props are all about people making cool ideas happen. From conception to reality these projects are incredibly nifty.

I’ll dive in this week with this video sent to me by Edgeworks Creative’s own Adam Lacombe.  The project is half hack, half revival, of the nintendo power glove by animator Dillon Markey (well known for his work on robot chicken). He’s essentially turned the glove into a remote with various functions to make his claymation type animation much more efficient. The project also has some cool secret features, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out what they are.

Following up is this ad campaign by swedish Pharmacy company Apotek. This line of adds, used a raspberry pi and some ultrasonic sensors they brought a lively nature to these seemingly simple adds. Give it a look below.

Last up this week is another videos sent to me from inside the office. Cythia Ryan found this showreel for the Creature Technology Company. They specialize in animatronics, but these aren’t your grandmother automatons, they’re huge, mechanically complex, and incredibly intricate pieces of art. Check out their website to see more of their portfolio, including olympic mascots, dragons, and dinosaurs among other things.

That’ll finish things off until next week. Share your thoughts below, or on Facebook, and send some creative things our way and we just might feature them in our next edition of Friday Props.