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Friday Props - The Sci-fi Shorts edition

This week friday props reaches for the stars, travels through time, and encounters some anomalies. Sit back and enjoy the wondrous world of sci fi with some of my favorite sci fi shorts from around the web.

First up is Anomaly, a short (almost 40 minute) science fiction flick set in the 1960’s. The film was inspired by the traditional nativity story, and does an outstanding job portraying relationships “that intertwine around an unprecedented astronomical event”.  Beautifully filmed, with solid acting, and a compelling plot line, this is one worth saving for later if you can’t watch it now.

We’ll follow up with this shorter (22 minutes) short, Recursion. It’s  the story of a wedding, a forgetful best man, and a little bit of time travel. This one’s a little brighter and far more fast paced than Anomaly, with plenty of fun plot twists along the way.

We’ll round up with Wanderers, which is one of the most beautiful pieces of video work I’ve seen in quite some time. The piece totes a plethora of gorgeous sci-fi  landscape visuals and features vocals by Carl Sagan. (who can disagree with that?) Clocking in at just under four minutes, this is a film worth watching once, and if you’re like me you’ll watch it more times than you’d care to admit.

Here’s to the wonderfully creative minds that bring to life these fantastic scenarios. Props to the world of science fiction! Friday props will be back next week with more cool findings. If you see something be sure to drop it in the comments below, or leave a link on our facebook page here.