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Friday Props - The Time Edition

New Years has come and gone, but it left a lot of us reflecting on how we spent the last 365 days. This weeks Props feature a variety of projects that examine the way we spend and understand our time.

Opening up this weeks roster of Props Worthy findings is a gorgeous infographic that’s been floating around depicting various famous creatives and their daily routines. Navigate over to to experience an interactive version of the chart.

This video attempts to explain how much time we have in simple terms, using jelly beans. Toting a “live as if today were your last day” mentality, this is definitely one to watch if you’re wanting motivation to take advantage of your day.


Stuck working on a paper? Estipaper is a simple, trendily designed site to help you estimate just how much of your time you’ll use working on it. Using statistics from various studies around the web, the site offers insight into how much time you’ll likely spend researching, composing, wasting time on facebook and more. Super fun, though obviously based on averages so results may not be 100% accurate. 


Our Final props goes out to an interesting take on experiencing movies, without dedicating the time to actually watch one. MOVIEBARCODE is a tumblr dedicated to making single image artworks out of movies. The images are created by taking each frame of the movie and squishing them so they’re one pixel wide. The frames are then stitched together to create stunning images that capture a fair amount of the essence of their film counterparts. Depicted below are the results from The Matrix, Finding Nemo, and Inception. I’m willing to bet you can figure out which one’s which on your own. Click through to see more.

inceptionfinding nemoThe matrix

And with that, we’re out of time for more. We’ll be back next week with more Props-Worthy findings!