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Friday Props #86 - Pattern

Props broke its stride last week, but we’re stepping back up to the plate with a plethora of props worthy findings. This weeks props celebrate patterns! Patterns have garnered human attention for some time; for their ability to add intrigue, organize, or even visually obscure objects.

First up is a project by Claudio Guglieri and Tim Holman. is a library of gorgeous, repeatable,  patterns, free to download, use, and share. The project is open for submissions as well so hopefully, given time, it will become an extensive resource.

Second up this week are some artists using pattern extensively in their practice. New york based Hillary Fayle is creating patterns sewn into leaves. Delicacy and intricacy coalesce in these impressive pieces. She’ll fill requests for custom pieces as well, though there’s no indicator of pricing for such a request.

Hilary Fayle Leaf Stitching Patterns

Dutch Artist Sigrid Calon’s entire body of work is heavily pattern based.  Some of his work was recently featured over at Booooooom, but I’d stumble through his website to get a better sense of the scope of his art.

work by visual artist Sigrid Calon

Our final receiver of props this week goes out to modern camouflage. Often used to blend an object into its surroundings, camouflage takes on a new costume in the auto market. Vibrant, eye-catching patterns are used to disguise new vehicles. Based on dazzle camouflage used primarily during world war one, these patterns disrupt the ability to discern fine details. Featured below is  audi’s 2016 r8 supercar, sporting a van gogh swirl pattern, and looking fabulous doing so.

audi’s 2016 r8 supercar, sporting a van gogh swirl pattern

That’ll wrap things up for this weeks Friday Props, but we’re always on the lookout for cool things. Find something props-worthy? Share it with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.