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Friday Props #84 - The Edible Edition

Friday has rolled around once again, and with it comes a whole new round of Friday Props. This weeks props delve into the world of culinary. 

Starting off is a series of pancake based projects collected over at Saipancakes. The most recent project features the creation pancakes more reminiscent of spirograph art than breakfast food. The “spirocakes” are created with a custom built “pangraph” device. (plans to build your own can be found here) The site also features pancake portraits, a pancake pendulum, and various other flapjack inspired creations.

Kickstarter Project  Food Truck Revolution also caught our attention this week. The project, currently still looking for backing, seeks to create the first national ratings and reviews system specifically for the exploding food truck industry. Beyond ratings, the site, would offer real time updates on where your favorite trucks are, alerts to new trucks in the area, and the ability to interact socially. If funding goes through, The Food Truck Revolution stands ready to create a truly useful guide for getting the best out of your next food truck dining experience.

One final props goes out to the Prep Pad. The prep pad is an eye catching piece of kitchen tech from the orange chef co. Best described as a digital scale with tricks up its’ sleeve. The prep pad links via bluetooth, and the Countertop App to an ipad (3 or newer) and measures nutritional values of over 300,000 food items. The Countertop  App also allows you to create nutritional intake goals, which you can then compare side by side with the nutritional values of your meals, as you make them. The Prep Pad claims to give “real-time insight into your food”, turning your kitchen into kitchen 2.0.

Have you seen anything props worthy? Have an idea for a props theme? Delicious or otherwise, share it with us in the comments or on our Facebook page.