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Friday Props-The Strange Worlds Edition

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Friday Props often means stumbling into some pretty strange and fascinating places. Today's props is inspired by my first props reciever, No Man's Sky. It's a procedurally generated game that has potential to change the world of gaming forever. Why? Because it's massive. Scratch that. It's not massive, it's infinite. Giving you the freedom to explore it's infinite. Take a look at this compilation of all five trailers released so far for a brief taste of what it has to offer. 


If you find yourself at least slightly pumped up by that, check out this discussion about it. It's a decent way to start understanding how massive the concepts behind the game are. Prepare yourself for some arguements and about fifteen minutes of commentary. 


I for one am stoked both to learn more about the game, and to embark on my own journey through the playground of its infinite space. If you're wanting to learn more you can start over at the games site here.

My second and third props goes to, you might be able to guess it, animations. Contre temps is a beautiful short film about time in a foreign, waterlogged world. Perhaps it's a world you might find in No Man's Sky? Who knows!? Give it a watch below. 

The third is a pretty playful short entitled Johnny Express. It takes place in 2150, and follows and interstellar space delivery man named Johnny through a single delivery. It's stylistically clean, and a genuinel enjoyable short. give it a watch!