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Friday Props - The Curated Web Edition

Each week I get to spend part of my Friday sharing my internet findings. This week, I'd like to share some of my go-to's for props worthy findings. It's Friday Props, the curated web edition!

One of my first go-to's for quality content is Booooooom. The blog features art, film, photography, music, design and more. The site also heavily focuses on user submitted content, with monthly posts dedicated entirely to submissions. You can see last month's here. Boom has a pretty extensive list of art and photo tumblr blogs worth following,  and definitely worth going through, here. Below is a look at a recent post about Dear Data, a year-long data visualisation project done entirely by hand.



Vimeo is one of my personal favorites for browsing through videos. Overall, the content is well curated, and tends to be quality work, but the staff picks in particular are an outstanding showcase of video creations. Below is a video found via the staff picks entitled kite fight. With a fascinating subject an assortment of beautiful shots, it's a good example of the quality of work on Vimeo.

My third and final props-worthy content sources goes to reddit. Particularly the Internet Is Beautiful subreddit. This one is usually updated more than a few times a day with beautiful things from around the web. Of course it operates in the same way the rest of reddit does, so the content is fairly well curated, and not often repetitive. Recent posts include an interactive e-book about the solar system here, and this index of passports of the world. It's a pretty well mixed bag, but you're sure to find something of interest here.

I'll end Friday props there, and leave you to go find your own cool things on the web. If you happen to find anything exceptional drop it in the comments below, or send us a link via our facebook!