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Friday Props - The 3D Systems Edition

What do dogs,, and 3D Printing have in common? A lot actually, you'd be surprised. That being said, this week we're props-ing some pretty stellar work being done by 3D systems, a US based company making leaps and bounds in the world of 3D printing.

First up is the heartwarming story of Derby the dog. Born with deformed front legs, his owners were involved in a project to 3D print prosthetics in conjunction with 3D systems.This is the kind of creative problem solving that 3D printing is bringing to the forethought of the design process.


And then check out this 3D printer produced by Will.iam. in partnership with Coca-Cola that prints using entirely recycled plastics. You may ask what has to do with 3d printing, probably because you know him as front man for the Black Eyed Peas. But he's also the Chief Creative Officer over at the aforementioned 3D systems.

Aside from helping push out some super cool eco-sustainable printers, is pushing for moral guides to accompany the advancing technology. In a recent interview with Dezeen Magazine, he called for ethical stances on 3D printing as we approach the ability to print fully functioning human bodies. If you're interested in some of the philosophical issues surrounding 3D printing, go ahead and give this article a read, he's making some pretty valid points.

So here's to 3D systems, a company pushing forward some amazing tech with a human conscious. Props to them!