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New Wordpress Migration: Catholic Fiction

One of the things we least like (hate most?) about Wordpress is how often these websites are attacked. If you run a Wordpress site take a look at your server logs and you are likely to find hundreds upon hundreds of attempts by bots trying to break into the website administration. Sometimes, though, it isn't neccessarily brute force attacks on admin login, but rather updates to critical security flaws in the software that don't get applied because people are busy running their businesses and might not even be aware they are at risk.

Edgeworks Creative does not work with Wordpress because we see time and again how quickly supporting Wordpress sites can get ugly - especially when they have been customized and the themes and plugins fall victim to hack attempts. If the theme producer does not patch the theme it can be a real nightmare to protect a site against bad guys and it doesn't take long for the whole enchilada to become a mess.

But just because we don't build or support Wordpress doesn't mean we don't care about those folks who currently have Wordpress sites. In fact, we care enough that we've built tools that allow us to migrate Wordpress sites into the Edgeworks CMS. is a former Wordpress site that has been transitioned to the Edgeworks CMS. We don't have Before & After snapshots because they look exactly the same. The only difference is it loads faster with the Edgeworks CMS and those nasty bots are now looking elsewhere so our client can focus on the business of his business and not the business of his website. 

If you have a Wordpress blog or Wordpress site that is giving you headaches then by all means reach out to us - we'd love to talk with you about how to move away from Wordpress and move toward a different peace of mind.