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New Client Website - Vermont-NEA

Edgeworks Creative is proud to announce the release of a brand new website for the states' largest union - the Vermont-NEA

We worked closely with Darren Allen, the Communications Director for Vermont-NEA, to provide a replacement for what had been an extremely difficult to use and poorly designed website with a beautiful, robust, responsive design. In addition to simply re-deisgning the website, however, we worked with Vermont-NEA to provide Information Design - taking the information presented on the old website and helping to logically categorize the information into six main categories making it simpler for users of the site to reach the information they desire. 

The new website built on the Edgeworks CMS TM is being released in phases. This initial release focuses on the public-facing information. A subsequent phase will fold the current Professional Development website (a second Vermont-NEA property) into the main site.  

We are absolutely thrilled to have been given the opportunity to provide our teachers and education support professionals with this new, easy-to-use and attractive alternative to their previous website and we look forward to continuing to expand and improve the web presence of the Vermont-NEA as we move forward.

Congratulations to the team at Vermont-NEA!

Before and After Screenshots for this re-design project:


Before: Difficult to navigate, poor image display, difficult to read


After: Simple to navigate, information design providing clear categories for content, bold use of color and high quality imagery