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New Client Site: VT-NEA

Six years ago the Vermont-NEA reached out to Edgeworks Creative after seeing an ad we were running in VT Digger. They had a website that, if you check the Wayback Machine, you'll see was in dire need of help. We replaced that site and provided additional work helping them craft an information design and a number of brand collateral assets. 

The average lifespan of a website is between five to seven years before the technology on the web has progressed so much that a website much older than that can start to feel dated. We were pleased when Vermont-NEA came back to Edgeworks Creative for a facelift and update of their website to set them on the path for the next five years. We also provided an updated logo which is being used across all their communications.

The new VT-NEA website provides a fresh design with parallax scrolling, flexible containers and a responsive design. Information funnels were maintained from the previous iteration and the transition of data from one site to the next was simple. Special attention was paid to improving the calendar of events and providing better tools for managing news and announcements.

We're proud to be chosen once again as the firm to provide the website for the union of educators in Vermont.