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New Client Site: Revitalizing Waterbury

We've been working with Revitalizing Waterbury (RW) since shortly after Irene and have sheparded three seperate websites for the organization in the better part of a decade (, and When RW asked us to build a new website for the organization to replace their previous Edgeworks CMS site, we were delighted at the prospect to give them a refresh and we are pleased with the results.

The opportunity to provide a fresh new face to the Revitalizing Waterbury website was paired with the opporutity to reduce organizational labor. One of the three websites operated by Revitalizing Waterbury was built by a different organization that later became part of Revitalizing Waterbury. At the time was built, it was not designed to work with the RW site and that has meant two separate websites to update and two locations to store and maintain data for business listings, events, and other such things.

The new website not only gives RW a fresh new mobile friendly design, it also now plays nicely with the website, giving RW one central place to manage business listings, events and other data. The result is a site that gives the organization a little bit more time to preserve, promote and enhance the economic, historic and social vitality of Waterbury and a little less time managing website data.