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Meet the Team: Ed Rooney

Edgeworks Creative co-founder and Web Strategist  Ed Rooney brings a host of skills to the table including superhuman strength and x-ray vision due to his exposure to radioactive materials. Ed Rooney - Founder and Web Strategist - Edgeworks Creative LLC But beyond his superhuman capabilities, he also has a deep understanding of the techniques and tools used to create effective websites. His passions include unlocking the mysteries of online marketing with a focus on search engine marketing, search engine optimization and social networking for businesses. Before joining forces with Cynthia Ryan to form Edgeworks Creative LLC, Ed worked with teams both large and small developing websites. He also ran his own small web design business for many years. His insights into the website development process formed the backbone of the Edgeworks CMS - the primary web development platform the team now uses. As Web Strategist, Ed's job involves getting to know the goals, audiences and business methods of our clients and transferring them to an action plan for building new business.  But it doesn't stop there. Ed has many years of experience as a web developer and hits the keyboard every day to develop web properties for our clients. Ed has taught adult education courses on many subjects related to owning a small business and utilizing the internet and he enjoys attending seminars, workshops and gatherings on similar subjects. Ed also enjoys long walks on the beach at sunset and puppy dogs. His acronym soup includes: PHP, ASP, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT, XHTML, JQuery and more. If you engage Edgeworks Creative it is likely you will work with Ed to craft a strategy for your online success. If you're lucky he might even share his secret hideout location and provide you with a Nerf gun.