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Meet Jeanelle

Jeanelle is a 22 (almost 23!) year old nursing student whose "Meet the Team" post is going to prove she's a refreshing oddball additive. 

Jeanelle joined the Edgeworks Creative team after competing at Miss America where she was unremarkably remarkable and was unable to get a "normal" college job because her weekend availability was nonexistent since she is constantly making appearances as Miss Vermont. She is fondly known around the office as "Miss Edgeworks" and knows everything about makeup... Ever. She enjoys office supplies, particularly different colored post-it notes and V5 rollerball pens (also in different colors). She has a *touch* of OCD and keeps a Google Calendar along with a Moleskin calendar- which are the basis for her impossibly long "To Do" lists. 

In the technological realm- Jeanelle really loves Apple products (she has a beef with PCs) and social media. Once she coded her Myspace page to have a sparkly thingy. Although she excels at video games, she does not spend her spare time playing them (black sheep of the office...). 

You may be wondering why Edgeworks hired her because she seems to not have microchips in her DNA? She's clean and organized and knows how to make excellent lattes (not that we have a latte machine, but we ever got one, she would definitely be in charge). There was also the idea of bringing more estrogen to the office... Some of her job requirements include:
- Being the comic relief 
- Educating the general public about the proper way to use eyeliner 
- Social media in all forms 
- Being really organized and sharing those skills with those less fortunate with organization (cough, Ed's handwriting, cough) 
- Teaching people how to properly write a time sheet 
- Being a translator for people who don't understand Code speak 

Geez, we are lucky to have her. 

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