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Introducing Business Card Websites

We are firm believers that every business ought to have a presence on the web - it's as basic as having a phone number. In fact, most people nowadays have their first contact with a business via the web - either on their laptop/desktop computers, tablets or smart phones. It behooves every small business owner to take seriously the need to be reachable, searchable and generally available online. But not all businesses need a full-blown website. In fact, there are many that can do just fine with a business card style website - one which shares the very basic information about a business that most people would be looking for anyway - telephone number, hours of operation, location, directions, links to any social media presence and perhaps the most recent news or specials, but not much more. We're happy to announce that we've used our Edgeworks CMS product to develop very reasonably priced Edgeworks CMS Biz Card websites for just these types of businesses. Our Edgeworks CMS Biz Card platform provides a simple, single page website with all the basic information for your small or micro-business. These sites are reasonably priced but offer features that are usually available only on much more expensive sites. Biz Card Sites are are built using Responsive Web Design; that is - the website displays differently for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. They also include an administrative backend that lets you edit your own site content. But just because you can edit your content doesn't mean you have to now learn HTML or web development software because  we will be there to work with you to bring in your logo and content, match colors and get your  site looking great. But the best part is that Edgeworks CMS Biz Card Sites are built on our platform, which means as your business grows it's a simple matter to have your website grow with you. And of course, if you require additional functionality or a custom design, we can accomodate you. Edgworks CMS Biz Card Sites are a flat $500, which includes the first year of hosting, and then $120 annually.  If you have a small business and want to establish a web presence, but don't need a full-blown website connect with us with us to get a responsive Biz Card Site working for you.