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Our First Hack Weekend

If you follow us on Facebook you may have seen a series of pictures from this weekend wherein we were up stupid-late working on a mystery project. I wanted to briefly post about our first Hack Weekend and maybe shed some light on what we are up to.

We are at the core a Product Company - we produce a core product, the Edgeworks CMS platform and we use this product to then develop websites and services for our clients. We also are an Idea Company - we work together to brainstorm new ideas both for ourselves and for our clients. Sometimes our work leads us to new discoveries and new opportunites. And sometimes those ideas are so ripe for development that we have to find a way to make them happen. We have been planning a service for quite some time that came out of the realization that several of our clients were over-paying other providers for online reservations and property management systems. The systems we have seen are expensive, ugly, frought with design and development challenges and generally bad.

For some time we have been planning out what we would like to offer in this field, and this past weekend we decided to take a stab at it and to get started with a Hack Weekend - a long weekend of coding and creating fueled with plenty of caffeine and a strong desire to start work on a project that makes use of our platform and will allow us to create another revenue stream - one with the potential for a complete business spin-off.


Announcing is an online booking engine. To start it will be for innkeepers, but it's going to be far more than that by the time we are done. I can't at this stage of the project say more about it, but rest assured the team here at Edgeworks Creative has some pretty phenomenal plans about the service will provide and some elegant ways in which they will be done.

Stay tuned for more photos of our next Hack Weekend (tentatively Oct. 11 & 12) and for more news on!