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Friday Props - Wherehouse Art Hotel

The Wherehouse Art Hotel in Winston Salem, North Carolina offers guests a unique Airbnb experience in the heart of downtown Winston Salem. Host Haydee has provided guests with an ever-changing collection of works largely drawn from the local arts scene.

This week our Friday Props go out to the Warehouse Art Hotel for its' long-held vision of providing a collective that gives the local community and the world at large a space to experience original art and it's delivery of a sublime user experience for overnight guests as a way of sharing that vision.

The Warehouse Art Hotel is in the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter of the city and was once home to a meat packing plant. Evidence of the historic use of the building can be found in the high celings, meat-locker doorway (it's really cool!) and more. Dig into the history of this rebellious space and you'll find the whole thing started with a group of squatters. The whole story arc is worth a read over on Wikipedia.

Living among the changing featured art, you may be inspired to purchase something and luckily you can do that. You don't have to stay there, though, to support the artists on display - head over to the WAH online shop for look at what's available now.

We stayed here a few weeks back and will definitely stay here again! Pro tip - bring 5 bucks to for the Art-o-Mat.