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Friday Props - WebVR

Ever since Adam brought the Oculus Rift to the office we've been spending some time in the worlds of Virtual Reality. We're impressed with how much this technology has improved in the last couple years and Darren has taken a real shine to building fascinating models  in VR. 

We recognize we are pretty fortunate to have access to this technology and that only a very small number of people do. For that reason if you're ever in Waterbury, Vermont please feel free to stop in at our office and ask to check it out. From our perspective the more people that become engaged with the technology and understand first-hand how wildly cool it is, the better. 

A long-standing problem with VR is the complexity of creating and sharing creations. WebVR works to limit those constarints and make virtual reality experiences more accessible.


WebVR was started by Mozilla. Google's Chrome team joined forces with them to draft the first version of WebVR API and a more sharable experience was born.

We're giving Props out not only for the WebVR API itself, but for a collection of experiemnts (remember, this is still pretty cutting-edge stuff) presented by Google. This collection can be found at

Exploring WebVR through your borwser is great, but the experience with a true VR headset is still the best. If you happen to have a modern smartphone and want a more immersive WebVR experience without the expense of a virtual reality headset you should consider Google Cardboard. We provide the official Google product link on Amazon below, but a search will yield other alternatives - you should expect to spend less than $20 on one, though. It's worthwhile for getting your toes wet in a more immersive experience.


Official Google Cardboard