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Friday Props - Wakuneco

This week's Friday Props comes to us from a Facebook Top Fan. Thanks for the recommendation!

This week we celebrate the hyper-realistic felting work of Japanese artist Sachi who began her career in the world of advertising as an illustrator. Over time, however, she discovered the hobby of needle felting and it changed the course of her life (and we suspect the lives of her customers). Beginning in 2015 when she stumbled across felting she set to work making cats out of wool. Initially she made whole cats, but eventually she decided to focus on the part which really interested her which was the faces of cats. In a little over a year she moved from "trying a hobby" to becoming an in-demand artist and when you see what the cat busts actually look like you'll immediately understand why.

Our words are weak compared to the visual surprise so take a look below at some of the images and videos of her work and be sure to check out her website, YouTube channel and Instagram. Props!


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