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Friday Props - Vermont Strong

Friday Props this week going out to all the volunteers and donors that are pitching in to help Vermont recover from the devastating flooding that hit our little state eleven days ago (July 10). The headlines on the ninth called for "devastating, life-threatening" events and nature delivered.

One of the best parts about Vermont downtowns (yes, America, they do still thrive in places) is that so many of the businesses are locally owned, small ventures. It means we get fine-crafted things. It means we get fresh-from-the-farm prodcue. It means we have a different kind of variety than the box stores ever really offer. When the floods took out one of the most vibrant downtowns in the state we witness the locals, the transplants, even a bunch of folks from afar have been stepping up with hours upon hours of volunteer work and numerous donations.

The work is nowehere near over.

If you are wanting to help here are some good resources to start:


Montpelier Alive:

Vermont Recovery 2023:

VT State Flood Disaster Page:



Vermonters have always been good neighbors. It's how we manage the winters and it's how we manage recovery from significant disasters - by pulling together.