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Friday Props - Uncomfortable

I think it goes without saying that most folks prefer to live out their lives in comfort as much as possible. The less friction and interference we face the more comfortable we are, and that yields a greater sense of safety and control over our lives.

This week we are giving Friday Props out to an artist who challenges some of the most basic expectations of comfort in a way that leaves us laughing and also grateful to not be enduring the hardships she envisions in her collection titled "The Uncomfortable". 

Katerina Kamprani is an Athens-based architect who has created a collection of deliberately inconvenient and completely uncomfortable everyday objects. The collection puts a spotlight on everyday items we take for granted and makes us realize how good we actually have it and how much worse it could be.

A few examples include the uncomfortable wine glass, rain boots and my favorite - the chain fork. 

Kamprani delivers hilarity alongside frustration for a great, props-worthy balance. Check out the entire collection at The Uncomfortable and give her Facebook page a like at