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Friday Props - The Awesome Foundation

We hear a lot about big money finding of important projects and even more about big money funding of ventures for profit, but what often gets missed are opportunities to fund micro projects that can have meaningful impacts. This week we give Friday Props to the Awesome Foundation for bringing small projects small grants for big impact.


The Awesome Foundation consists of numerous chapter around the globe that commit to providing monthly $1000 grants to applicants who are looking to do small scale projects in their communities. They range from installing simple stages in public places to community garden efforts to encouraging pathways for success to underserved communities. It's an absolutely brilliant program designed to encourage small projects that make a difference.

The grants are awarded with no strings attached. Each chapter consists of "trustees" who have each committed some share of the $1000 per month to be awarded. The trustees then vote amongst themselves on which applicants to fund. 

There is no restriction on geography meaning that a chapter in Boston could fund an applicant is Sudan if they chose to, although most chapters tend to focus their grant-giving to their more local applicants.

So far the Awesome Foundation has funded over 5500 projects worldwide through 82 chapters in 13 countries. Check out some of the projects on their Facebook page to get a sense of the variety. We think you'll agree that the Awesome Foundation is certainly Props-worthy!

We personally have an interest in starting a chapter for Vermont and we welcome anyone who might want to partner with us in this endeavor. Please reach out to us if you'd like to get involved in starting a local chapter!

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